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Episode 1 – Chemical Ingredients and Mixtures

Why make mixtures?

This episode gives a virtual tour of some common ingredients you can find around the home, and explains some of the benefits we get when they are mixed together. We also explore a special type of mixture, using the example of a depilatory cream.

[0:20] Introduction

[1:20] Virtual tour of everyday formulation ingredients

[4:00] Raw ingredients have useful properties

[4:45] Combining properties to increase functionality

[6:56] Homonids and Hair Removal

[8:05] Depilatory Creams and Hair Chemistry

[10:02] Actives and Excipients

[12:27] Mixtures Summary

[13:15] Outro

Episode 0 – An Introduction To Formulation Science

Chemical Recipes is a brand new podcast – the world’s first podcast series to be devoted exclusively to formulation science. The pilot episode gives a brief introduction to what formulation science is all about, using parallels from cooking and baking. Later, lessons we learn from baking are applied to some common, everyday products and we see how starch can be used inside and outside the kitchen.

1) Introduction [0:00 – 1:23

2) What is Formulation Science? [1:23 – 2:45]

3) Cooking is a type of formulation! [2:45 – 8:15

  • Food ingredients are complex!
  • Interactions between starch and water

4) Bread as a foam [8:15 – 11:07]

5) Summary of the podcast, so far [11:07 – 12:00]

6) Starch outside the kitchen [12:00 – 14:18]

7) Starch and the paper industry [14:18 – 15:43]

8) Overview of Starch [15:43 – 16:13]

9) Outro [16:13 – END]

Music by James Kitcher